A visit to Slimbridge Wetland Centre



Well today we took an impromptu trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre and it was such a great day I just had to blog it. Now that Freya is walking (or should I say running) around, it was a great place to explore. I must admit I am definitely a home bird, but days like today make me realise I should explore a little more!

Freya loves birds, and shouts and squeals excitedly when she sees any so a place filled with many types of birds seemed like a great idea. We were so lucky with the weather; it felt like a warm summers day, and it’s only February! It was easy enough to find the Wetland Centre and to park, with toilets located at the edge of the carpark too which was a good idea.

On purchasing our admission tickets, we were given a free leaflet of the park which included the layout of the park. We slowly made our way around the Wetland Centre, Freya excitedly squealing and running as we went. We even saw some Otters swimming around; but sadly missed the feeding time, which is twice a day. Next time I would aim to be there in time to watch that.


Freya was so brave with the birds, I think all she wanted to do was hug them as she ran towards them saying “ahhhhh” arms out stretched.



There was lots of construction work happening as they are building an Arctic area due to open summer 2019, which we would love to go back to see. There is a brilliant outdoor play area ‘Welly Boot Land’ which we didn’t have time for today unfortunately but it looked like we could have easily whiled away another hour or so in there playing. As well as an indoor soft play area, next to the ‘Toad Hall,’ we were spoilt for choice with play areas.



After a fun filled few hours exploring, we headed to the cafe/restaurant to refuel. Coffee and a jacket potato, and a mini fish and chips for Freya. The restaurant was so clean and the staff were all so friendly, even with Freya throwing food everywhere! Challenges of a toddler… ! They have located the restaurant next to the Caribbean Flamingo reserve with a large viewing window. So as Freya sat at the table (impatiently) waiting for her lunch, she was distracted by the flamingos. What an amazing idea!



We then left via the beautiful gift shop, which I could have spent a small fortune in. Great quality toys, books, treats, clothing and homeware.

All in all, a fantastic day out and as Freya grows older I’m sure it will get better and better.


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