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I used to be really good at making my own energy bars, much of a “chuck everything in and see how they turn out” type approach, but I haven’t made them for a while now. So this time I actually (kind of) researched the ingredients as I wanted to include ingredients that are high in energy.

We have had a few family members unwell over the last few months, so I wanted to create a quick and easy recipe, packed full of goodness that I could make for them. That said, they are great as an everyday snack.

So I decided to create some really easy to make energy bars – basically chuck all of the ingredients into the mixer and blitz, and you’re done !

I wanted to use ingredients that were full of energy, so that even if you have a bite here and there, that bite would be packed FULL of goodness and superfoods. So enough rambling, here we go.



200g Porridge Oats (gluten free)

150g Dates – Medjool if you can as these are just SO delicious

3 or 4 tblsp Honey – I use Manuka if available – it is expensive but this has been shown to help with throat problems

40g Apricots, chopped

15g Goji berries

1 heaped tblsp Sunflower Seeds

1 heaped tblsp Pumpkin Seeds

30g Cranberries, chopped

1.5 tblsp Coconut Oil



Grease and line a 9×9 inch square tin.

Place the oats, dates, honey and coconut oil into the mixer and mix on high speed until combined and the dates have turned to that gooey caramel-like deliciousness.

Now add in the remaining ingredients and mix – not for too long, just until combined, otherwise the pieces of fruit will be chopped up too small.

Press the mix into the prepared tin, press down firmly to make sure the mix is really combined and that when set it will hold together. I find it easier to use a wooden or plastic spoon here as the mix really sticks to metal spoons. If you prefer energy balls then just roll into balls and place in the tin to set.

Set in the fridge for an hour minimum. Longer if possible. Now cut into pieces and enjoy!


I hope you enjoy this recipe, it is a really quick and easy recipe full of goodness. ┬áThis recipe makes a fairly thin bar so if you prefer a thicker piece then just double the recipe. Thanks for stopping by, I’m now on youtube too…scary! I’ll link it below, head over and take a look, like and subscribe to see the latest videos.

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