Festive and New Years Eve Table Styling

Elegant table style with vintage glassware and fern


Dusky roses in vintage glassware linen tablecloth

For any of you who follow me on Instagram may well know, we hosted Christmas Dinner this year for 19 people! And it was a success! During the planning and then hosting of the dinner it made me realise how much I enjoyed it. The recipe planning, table styling and then enjoying the main event. I loved seeing everybody enjoy the meal that I had spent weeks planning, and the atmosphere that was created. Surrounded by the wonderful company of friends and family, a table so full with food it was amazing that the table stood up and the sound of laughter filling the room.

So I have decided to focus time on creating more of these events. Be it for friends and family, or a simple midweek supper just Steve and I. I want to find ways to dress the table, without spending lots of money; by using foliage and flowers that are in season, I plan to dress our table to create that hygge feeling. I know when you think of hygge you may think of drinking hot chocolate, whilst reading a good book under a soft blanket, by the fire. But hygge is about how it makes you feel, and to me, sitting at (and creating) a beautiful table, with delicious wholesome food, in good company of loved ones, is my kind of hygge.

I really am rambling here, but going forwards I am hoping to bring this table styling aspect into my blog and Instagram,  and I would love to know what you think about this.

So my first blog post for table styling and creating a dining experience will be some inspiration for a night in, for us this will be New Years Eve. We used to go out, either for dinner or into town to bars and clubs, but in recent years (and especially now we have Freya), we have much preferred to stay in. We cook our favourite meal, stock up on treats and have a cosy night in. So here are a few simple ideas of how to dress your table using seasonal foliage and decorations.


Simple, nature inspired festive table

For those of you who have a real Christmas tree, this is perfect. I chopped a few of the stems off ( from the back and where they wouldn’t be missed) and used these to dress the table. I kept the rest simple with white and silver, so that the pine really stood out. An elegant yet still festive style. I used a wooden block as the centrepiece, you could also use a wooden board/chopping board here too.

vintage glass candle holders

elegant table styling, crockery and glassware

plates cutlery and fern decoration


table styling vintage style


Pine cones, simple whites and silver

I had many pine cones around the house for Christmas decorations, so I used these. However this time of year is perfect for collecting pine cones, to then be used as table settings. Mixed with different height and style little candle vases a multi layered look was created.

acorn and candles centrepiece

nature inspired centrepiece

table place with acorn


Whimsical dusky toned roses with seasonal foliage

I received a winter festive bouquet as a gift, so I used some of those roses, berries and foliage from this to dress the table. I used smaller vases which made the flowers spread further. I used different height vases to create more texture on the table.


roses in glass vases and candlelight

table settings romantic style

centrepiece of candles and foraged greens

plates cutlery and a single red rose

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and found some inspiration for easy and affordable ways to dress your table to create a more magical experience.

Carly x

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  1. December 31, 2018 / 10:41 am

    Beautiful, love your ideas!! ❤️

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