Going plastic free in the bathroom

bathroom image of soap bars and a flannel

From the top… Deodorant, Shampoo, Body Soap, Face Soap

On my quest to reduce my plastic waste, I was shocked when I thought about how many shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles we were getting through (and throwing away – obviously)! So after a little trip into Lush I came out with a lighter purse, but a shampoo, conditioner, face soap and deodorant bar.

We had already switched over to soap bars by this point so I didn’t buy any soap, however Lush have some amazing soaps, so you could buy all of your products in one place. So I thought I would break it down into sections, to talk about which products we are using and ones that we like…


The first shampoo bar we used was the Soak and Float which lasted 3 months, and that was with me and Steve using the bar. I absolutely loved this bar. It smelt amazing, lathered really well and lasted such a long time. I would say here, we do have a water softener fitted into our water supply so this might make the lather slightly better too.

We are now using the Seanik bar. This is ok… just ok. I would definitely re-purchase the Soak and Float.


I bought this Conditioner Bar from Lush. However, I am not 100% happy with it. I love the smell and texture, however it breaks apart quite easily, making it harder to use. That said, it is still much better than using conditioner in a bottle. Have you any recommendations for conditioner bars?

Body Soap

We usually use Sanex soap bar we have for a while now and are happy with it. A gentle, mild soap but with a nice smell.

Facial Soap

I have just bought the Movis Facial Scrub bar, which is an exfoliating facial wash/scrub. I do like more of a scrub then a gentle soap for my face. Mainly because at work my skin becomes very oily, so this is perfect after a long day.

Make-up Remover

I bought the Ultrabland Cleanser  again from Lush. I love this cleanser as it feels so soft and smells great; it contains almond oil, rose water and honey. With this cleanser, you rub it in like a moisturiser, and then wipe it off with a wet cloth (I use a flannel).


I am now using a deodorant bar,  I chose the Aromaco deodorant after speaking with the shop assistant (who, by the way, are always so helpful each time I’ve been in). I am really pleased with this so far. It goes on smoothly and smells nice. We are into colder weather now so it is hard to know just how effective it is, but so far I am really pleased with it.


I am still using toothpaste in a tube, as I looked into the tooth cleaning tablets, but they are fluoride free, which is not ideal!


Thankyou for stopping by, and if you have any ideas for swaps that I can make around the home then please comment below or message me. I am slowly making changes, and any advice is always welcome!


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  1. November 20, 2018 / 10:11 am

    Thank you! These are changes I’m looking to make too! Great ideas here!

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