If you need me I’ll be home, drinking loose leaf tea.


Drinking tea, cosy jumper

Good old social media has been wonderful, but it also shows (mainly) the highs of everyone’s lives. Am I the only one who loves a night in, drinking tea? Ok ok… and eating my body weight in chocolate cake.

In all seriousness, can you really beat a night in, warm and cosy and drinking tea. But did you know that teabags contain plastic?? Yep! They use a type of plastic to seal the bags. Teapigs bags do not contain plastic, however these are quite pricey, and with the amount that I drink I was looking for an alternative. So now I have switched over to loose leaf tea, and it is bloomin’ delicious!

I am very new to the loose leaf tea world, so forgive me if I am boring you here, but I think there is something extra special about loose leaf tea. The time it takes, that extra little bit of effort to fill the strainer, stew the tea, it all makes me appreciate and enjoy that cup of tea even more… even if I still have to microwave it…. multiple times, (mum life)!

So on a recent trip to Bristol and a meander down North Street, we came across an amazing shop called  Zero Green. If you are local and you haven’t been, then do stop in. I wish I lived closer as I would slowly buy the entire shop! I found it so inspirational and accessible, giving us great ways and ideas to reduce our plastic waste.

Zero green plastic free shop Bristol

Selection of loose leaf teas and coffees

I bought my tea strainer, some English Breakfast Tea and some Earl Grey. It was £1.50 for 100g (English Breakfast), the Earl Grey was slightly more. You can take in your own containers too to put the leaves straight into.

stainless steel tea strainer

loose leaf English breakfast tea

cup of tea

But they don’t just sell tea here… Shampoo, Conditioner, Flours, Pasta, Cacao, bamboo cutlery and even reusable sanitary pads! The list goes on. So if you are looking to reduce your plastic waste and looking for inspiration and tips, then here is your place. Slowly slowly, making little changes, we can help to reduce our awful plastic damage to this beautiful planet.

lady drinking tea in a cosy jumper

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