Maternal Mental Health Week

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I couldn’t let maternal mental health week pass by without a mention. I have written a few blog posts in the past about my mental health at that point in time, like The Postnatal Body: Acceptance.and Has anyone seen Carly…? and An honest life update – Postnatal feels.I definitely feel like motherhood (for me anyway) has had its phases; the good, the bad and the ugly. But I feel like all of those phases and moments have helped to shape the mother that I have become. I have loved every stage, even though I have had some tough times.

So when this sweatshirt arrived in the post yesterday, I felt like the timing was right to document how I am feeling nowadays. The sweatshirt is from Noodle and Stitch (not an ad, just a fan)! Check out her shop online for beautiful pieces from jumpers to tshirts, to menswear to homewear!

I think sleep deprivation has a lot to answer for; and even if you have a good few nights of sleep, it is a lot of sleepless nights to catch up on! It takes such a long time to recover.

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Someone recently described my instagram and motherhood style as “slow motherhood,” and I’ll take that. Although I feel like life is so, so busy, often feeling like you are pulling yourself in so many different directions and that often you are only giving half (if that much) of yourself to one thing or person at one time. But, thats being a parent! I think accepting that, makes it a whole lot easier. Some days are always going to be easier than others.

I try to create a slow, hygge style lifestyle for my family. Although life is so busy at the moment, what between being mum to a toddler, looking after a dog, working part time, blogging and working on content and recipes, youtube, pinterest, trying to exercise and now new hobbies like knitting; I feel at my happiest. At the ripe old age of 31, I feel confident in my (now quite baggy and saggy) skin. I am content in the moment, have lovely friends and family. Yes there are things I aim for and aspire to, but I am happy with my ‘now.’

So some things that have helped me when I have felt low have been:

  • Music – I love listening to music and it is amazing how much it can affect our moods. Choose music that makes you happy, get up and dance around the kitchen and sing out loud. It will blow away those cobwebs (if even just for a moment) and make you enjoy that moment. My go to at the moment is Enrique Iglesias – don’t judge me !!  Ha!!
  • Good food – I am a complete foodie, and love to bake and cook. Enjoying good, wholesome food can make me feel so much better and I love to be in the kitchen and slowly teaching Freya about food too.
  • Get outdoors – Fresh air is such a mood booster. As well as the fact you will probably encounter other people. Chatting to others if only to say “hello” in passing, can be enough to break me (and hopefully you)  out of a low mood.
  • Sleep – I won’t dwell on this too much, as I know it is a hard subject for us parents. But, what I’m saying is…get it when you can!!
  • Reassure yourself, “it is just a phase.” Hindsight is a wonderful thing, something I wish I could tell myself months ago is to know most of the time it is a phase, it will pass, things will get easier. Stay calm.
  • Be kind to yourself. You can’t do it all… or if you are then fair play! But most of us can’t (and don’t). Let others help out, accept help when offered. It takes a village. Indeed!

Thankyou for reading and my inbox is always open to chat 🙂

Carly x


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