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After documenting our  morning routine (both in youtube videos), I realised I have never blogged or filmed our evening routine, which is strange considering when Freya was a newborn I spent A LOT of time watching other parent’s evening routines with their babies. Usually this was in the hope to find a miracle cure for our non sleeping baby…Fast forward to 19month old Freya, and we seem to be in a good routine. I get scared saying that outloud incase it all goes wrong. But, for now,  and for a few months now we have been in a good routine. That said, usually when a tooth comes along or Freya is ill this may all go out the window, but I thought I would document our normal evening routine. So here goes…

5pm: Freya has dinner. This usually starts with cucumber sticks with hummus (she would eat the whole pot if she could)! Freya eats this whilst I finish preparing her dinner and maybe clear up around the kitchen.

She then has something savoury – either pasta with a sauce (this could be anything as it is what I make up). The sauces can be tomato based or more cheese/soft cheese based. I also add vegetables to these sauces.

Other meals may be vegetable chilli, slow cooker meals, sweet potato mash with a sauce and some vegetables, stuffed sweet potatoes, lasagne and risotto.

She then has a yoghurt and some fruit.

5:45pm (ish): Play time, usually dancing around the kitchen! This time of year we are usually in the garden, Freya might help (help in the loosest sense of the word) me water the garden.

6pm: Steve then tends to walk our dog Archie, so we go upstairs into Freya’s room, and start to wind down for the day and calm down. We read books and play in her room. I turn the music off now too. I also lay out her pyjamas and a clean nappy ready for bedtime.

6:20pm: I then head downstairs to the kitchen and make up Freya’s bottle of milk and take her dummies up to her bed. We usually put about 4 dummies in her bed, as a few might fall out during the night. We try and get glow in the dark dummies too.

6:25pm: I go around and shut all of the curtains and blinds upstairs (and windows during summer). I run Freya’s bath and get her ready for her bath. Nappy off time.

6:30pm: Bath time. At the moment we are using Childs Farm Bubble Bath and Childs Farm Shampoo which I absolutely LOVE! Such lovely, gentle products which smell amazing!

6:45 (ish): I get Freya out of the bath, we tidy up the bath toys and put them on the side of the bath, which Freya sometimes helps with. We dry Freya off in her snuggly  White Company hooded towel, and then get her dressed in to her pyjamas. When she was younger we swaddled Freya, then she had a grobag/sleeping bag. But once she started moving and standing up she didn’t like being in these so we swapped to a few layers of pyjamas. Usually a long sleeved vest, pyjama bottoms and then a sleepsuit on top. These are the ones we are using at the moment:

Vest top – Mothercare long sleeve bodysuit/vest.

Pyjama Bottoms – White Company pyjama set. This is not the exact set that we have as this is last seasons, but this is similar.

Sleepsuit – This isn’t the exact one as again they don’t do the design/print anymore, but it is a long sleeved, with feet, sleepsuit – similar to this White Company sleep suit

6:50/55pm: We take Freya into her bedroom, give her her bottle of milk, (7 oz of warm milk), wind her and then cuddle her until she is a little drowsy. We then say goodnight, give her another kiss and cuddle and put her into her bed. She is still sleeping in a cotbed. She does have a toddler pillow now, and I bought a super soft brushed cotton pillow case for this, {Sorry I can’t seem to find the exact one online, but I always go for brushed cotton as it is so lovely and soft}. She still does not like having a blanket or a duvet though.

7pm: Usually by 7pm Freya is snoring away. There are some nights (usually when she is ill) that this night time routine may take a bit longer. But for now, this is our routine.


Freya {at the moment} tends to sleep through. There may be some nights when she cries out in her sleep but by the time we look on the monitor she has fallen back to sleep. She will usually wake up anytime between 5:45am and 6:30am.

I will say it hasn’t always been like this, and just when we think we are in a good routine, Freya might start waking up through the night again. But, at the moment we are in a good routine, and getting a full nights sleep. However it hasn’t always been like this and I’m sure there will be times in months and years ahead when it isn’t as good again. But through all of the bad phases we have tried to stay consistent in our routines, and I think this has helped. But who knows!

Is this quite similar to your evening/bedtime routine?

Carly x


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