Sleep… I’ve missed you.


Cosy pyjamas with fluffy slippers

Oh sleep… you beautiful, beautiful distant memory…! Ok, I am over exaggerating. But seriously, sleep deprivation is just awful. I look back on those first few nights in hospital that I chose to lie awake, gazing at my bundle of joy. I was in awe, and that was such a wonderful feeling, that I still smile when I think about it now.

We have definitely been through some horrendous sleep regressions with Freya. I found the Wonder Weeks App so useful at these times as it was reassuring. To know that this was normal, and that it was a phase, that would end. There was always hope!!

I am scared to write this (as I now may jinx things), but Freya has been sleeping better lately, yet I don’t feel like I’m catching up? Maybe the 15 months of broken sleep has taken its toll. But then those with teenagers say they have the opposite, that they can’t get their children to get out of bed in the mornings. Hmm… that feels so far off, and I can’t imagine having a teenage daughter!

So, do you ever catch up on sleep? It does amaze me how our bodies just keep adapting, to less and less, and we keep functioning. I think this is where caffeine and cake play a vital role…??

I have come to the conclusion, I may always be tired now. So this is where I am finding the little things in life to help.

Fresh air

This time of year is perfect for getting outside, in the fresh air. It instantly wakes you up, as well as an activity for the little ones. I find that getting out actually makes me more productive too, it releases this extra energy so that when I get home I can do so much more. This might be only outside in the garden, pottering around.

Family and Friends

Seeing people always lifts my spirits, and it is nice for Freya to be around other children. So if you’re feeling down and exhausted, try and organise a play date. Garden centres with soft plays are ideal – coffee for us, soft play for them!

Good food

Little treats are good, but also fuelling our bodies well is so important, especially when we are over tired. Trying to eat well is good for our body and mind. Batch cooking soups are ideal and easy to keep in the fridge for a quick, healthy lunch. Like my Butternut Squash Soup – The tale of the lonely squash. I make this for Freya and I, so an easy lunch for both of us.


Carly x

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