So this is love….

From the moment I told people I was expecting, I heard comments like “It’s the best feeling in the world” and “there is no love like it.” Although I smiled along, and was excited at the thought, I truly had no idea.

I love my husband very much, and I’m blessed to have amazing family and friends in my life who I also love dearly; but that moment when I first held Freya’s hand and she wrapped her tiny little fingers around mine, she had me.  I now knew what everybody had meant – there really is no love like it.


Now I definitely wont pretend that it is always easy, but I really do feel blessed to experience this love.

The labour and birth didn’t exactly go to plan, but the outcome was so worth it. The days following Freya’s arrival were a mix of emotions and I definiftely stuggled wih the ‘baby blues.’ My mum did give me some brilliant advice though, which I now try to pass on to other mums – she described post natal as a rolercoaster that you can’t get off…some days are up, some days are down, you can’t get off and you just need to ride it. Once I had accepted this, and that there wasn’t much I could do about the swirl of emotions, I found it easier to cope with.  Knowing it was just a phase..although I know for some it does continue and that’s when it is really important to seek medical help. It is really tough becoming a mum for the first time; not only does your body have to cope with what it has been through physically, you’ve now got a tiny person who is completely reliant on you, and that can deifintely be overwhelming at times.

I’m lucky enough to never have suffered with depression, so when these emotions hit me it really did floor me. But for me, like I said, accepting that this is normal post natal really did help me cope and see it as a phase that would pass.

The newborn love bubble has been amazing – a mix of emotions, extreme tiredness, but so SO much love. More than I thought was ever possible. Their innocent, loyal and unconditional love is the best medicine.

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