The end of maternity leave

IMG_8026-2.jpgCan we just press pause?? As I get closer to the end of maternity leave (sob sob), I have found myself really appreciating Freya even more. I suppose the thought of not being with her 24/7 is a scary and anxious thought. Not that I don’t trust the grandmothers to look after her, but it’s just the thought of not being there with her. We are very lucky that we have grandmothers to help look after Freya when we are at work. Although we are looking into different options for when Freya is slightly older, just to socialise her and phase her into the school environment.

When talking to other mums I have quickly discovered that there are many options other than nursery. Childminders, pre-school and family/friends. There are pros and cons for both so for us we just need to have a good think about what is right for us and will work for us all.

I feel a little less anxious leaving Freya now that she is on solids also, as I find sometimes she will only want her milk from me but she is happy to have food from anyone. She’s a good eater – that’s lucky as she has been born into an Italian background!

So now that I will soon be back working part-time, I am trying to make the most of my time off with Freya. I am hoping to start a new group but she is in an awkward stage in that she will not lie still for groups like baby massage or baby sensory, but she cannot (quite) crawl yet. Any recommendations for baby groups at this age would be helpful?

So what I think I am trying to say is, that the closer I get to the end of our time off together, I find myself just really trying to ‘soak up’ my little girl, as its true what everyone says about time flying by. I am enjoying all of the stages but can life just slow down a little?

Here’s to all of the mums and dads returning to work, I’m telling myself it will be good for us and I hope once those first few weeks are done we will be ok. Good luck to you all, and make the most of your time off with your babies.

“The nights are long; but the years are short…”


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